Are you better to be a British or an American?

There are the British and the Americans. The British are people with the sexy deep accents while the Americans are people with sexy bodies. Which one are you?

Are you a British or an American? Do you have sexy accent or sexy abs to show the whole words? Don't know which one are you? You're going to find out the answer after taking this quiz, remember, be honest.

Created by: Evangeline

  1. What do you call batons of deep-fried potato?
  2. What are 'Chips'?
  3. What is 'Crisp'?
  4. Which weather would you choose?
  5. How do you pronounce 'stupid'?
  6. Is 'bloke' synonym to man or woman?
  7. What is the meaning of 'shawty'?
  8. Ass or arse?
  9. Which words belong to the British English?
  10. Which words belong to American English?

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Quiz topic: Am I better to be a British or an American?