are you best friends?

There many 'best friends', but are they really? take this quiz to find out if you are BFFs or have been living a total lie!! find out now by taking this quiz!

have you been living a lie? are you really "BFFs" ? what does you r best friend think about you? would he/she take the blame for something you did? what would they say if you ever died? find out now!

Created by: criss angel's biggest fan

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  1. do you hang out with him/her alot?
  2. do you share secrets?
  3. if your friend was wearing a terible outfit, and asked, "do yuo like it?" and you reaspond with...
  4. what would you do if he/she died?
  5. one day, your friend calls you up in a panic and asks, "can i borrow your new top for my date tonight? i'll bring it back clean tomorrow!" you answer with...
  6. yuor friend asks for date tips, and you say...
  7. do you have sleepovers?
  8. have you been to his/hers house?
  9. if you and your friend got in trouble for stealing, you.....
  10. your friend is having a birthday, you....

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Quiz topic: Am I best friends?