Are you beautiful?

Are you beautiful? You will see in this quiz! In this quiz are 10 questions, answer them and you will see if you are beautiful! But everyone is beautiful!

So you will see if you are beautiful but everyone is! You can tell in comments what you got, you can rate, you can share it to your friends! Have fun! :) By the way this is my first quiz, so enjoy!

Created by: Cutie_Lucy
  1. What do you think about yourself?
  2. What do your friends think about you?
  3. Did someone said about you that you are beautiful?
  4. What do you love wear?
  5. Do you have BF or GF? (Boyfriend or Girlfriend) [No effect]
  6. If you said yes to question 5, stay here (question 6), if you said no to question 5, go to question 7. Did your BF or GF (boyfriend or Girlfriend) said that you are beautiful?
  7. If you said no to question 5. Did your BFF (best friend forever) or friend said that you are beautiful?
  8. Did someone said you are ugly?
  9. Do you think you are beautiful?
  10. Everyone is beautiful! Is it true?

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Quiz topic: Am I beautiful?