Are You and Your Best Friend Meant to Be?

This quiz is to see if your best friend is actually your best friend. I hope they are. This quiz is good for boys and girls, so take it anyway. I need more words, so... YAY! YAY! YAY! Have a good day!

Are you meant to be? Take this quiz and find out. It's fun, cool, shortish, insane, crazy, fun, cool, shortish, insane, crazy, fun cool, shortish, insane, crazy, fun, cool, YAY!

Created by: Juliette
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  1. You and your BFF both try out for the school musical. You get the lead role and your BFF get a chorus part. How does your best friend react?
  2. The popular kids invite you to sit at their table at lunch, but tell you not to bring you BFF. What do you do?
  3. You don't notice yet, but there's a chocolate milk stain on the back of your pants. Your BFF:
  4. Your BFF accidentally trips you and you break your wrist. Your BFF:
  5. You go away for the Summer. When you get back:
  6. FOR GIRLS: You and your BFF both like the same guy, but then he asks your BFF out. You react by:
  7. FOR BOYS: Your best friend and you like the same girl. She asks your friend out. You react by:
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  9. How are you today?
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Quiz topic: Am I and my Best Friend Meant to Be?