Are you an idiot or a genius?

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There are only a couple geniuses on this planet, many true smart people and lots of average people. Now, you can find out what you are by just taking one simple quiz!

Do you think you can overcome the power of the brain? Do you think you can beat the quiz? Well, let us find out now! Take a chance.Take the quiz, today!

Created by: awesomedude7806
  1. Do polar bears eat penguins?
  2. What president was the 17th president?
  3. What does www. stand for?
  4. What is the square root of 70,000?
  5. What year did Holocaust begin?
  6. What is 1+1?
  7. Who won Superbowl 2? (STREET SMART BONUS)
  8. What does Oliver Twist ask for in the orphanage?
  9. What does I.Q. stand for?
  10. What are tides caused by?
  11. (LAST ONE FOR BONUS STREET SMART!) When people say, that thing made you "Scorpion" really bad, what does Scorpion mean?

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Quiz topic: Am I an idiot or a genius?