Are you aesthetic? For girl middle or high schooler!

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This is the first quiz i create! I wish this is fun for yall! This quiz tells you if your aesthetic or not~ The quiz is for girl middle or high schoolers!

PS: This might not turned out very well, because it’s the first quiz i made in this website! I’m kinda a new English learner, so if my grammars are incorrect, SORRYY!!

Created by: soft rosy.. <3
  1. Why are you taking this quiz?
  2. Do you think YOUR aesthetic? ✨✨🦋🦋
  3. Let’s start this quiz in the morning. Today is Monday, fresh start for school! You woke up in…. ____
  4. You get out of bed, the first thing you do to start the day is… ____
  5. You entered the school! While you walked in to your classroom, you realized your just in time! What would you like to do in your free time before class started?
  6. Finally! Class started with language art. In is in the middle of the class, you…. ____
  7. Class ended, it’s finally break! You.. ___
  8. You finished school!! (i’m too lazy to create all the classes, sorry for taking away half of your day :<< )After school, you say goodbye to your friends and…___
  9. You head back home (or you already did), wondering what to do..
  10. It’s 6 PM, your feeling starving.. What would you like to eat?
  11. It’s time to sleep. Ooo.. It’s a fantastic day! Let’s listen some lofi beats 🎧 ~~!! Creator’s message : Thanks so much for playing my quiz! I had a lot of fun going through simple life styles with you~~ Wish you got an amazing result~~ What do you think if my quiz? (it’s the first one i created!)

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Quiz topic: Am I aesthetic? For girl middle or high schooler!