are you able to stop liking your crush?

this is a question i have thought about for years and i thought that everyone would like to know the answer to this quiz will tell you the answer to the most complicated question ever can you get over your crush

i have been on go to quiz for a while now and never saw a quiz that can tell you the answer but now there is one and this is it now go ahead take the quiz it dont bite lolz or does it?

Created by: serenity smith

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  1. ok first this is for girls so if your not a girl please leave now
  2. ok now let your mind wonder for a minute or two how many times did you think about him?
  3. pretend your best friend just asked him out behind your back how long are you mad at her?
  4. pretend you ask him out and he says no how long does it take you to recover from it?
  5. your crush figures out he likes you and says he hates you! your reaction is.....
  6. you fall and drop everything he helps you get up and get your stuff that you dropped do you think he was being nice or he likes you
  7. you catch him staring at you! your though....
  8. what do you think you got?
  9. like the quiz?
  10. (1o 11 and 12 dont count) ready for your answer?

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Quiz topic: Am I able to stop liking my crush?