are you a "why dont we" limelight?

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have you ever wondered if you are a limelight? well I have. I made this quiz because I know that no one will ever make one. and to all those limelight's out there keep up all the good WDW work!

are you a limelight? find out here. WDW is an American boy band. my favorite band member is Zachary. comment who is your favorite band member. good luck!

Created by: horselover226
  1. who is your lane?
  2. who is your cheat lane?
  3. what is Jack Avery's nickname?
  4. what is Zachary Herron's nickname?
  5. what is Daniel Seavey's twin?
  6. what is your favorite band
  7. who is the cutest in why dont we?
  8. what is their latest release?
  9. what is the abbreviation for why dont we?
  10. how is Zachary Herron?
  11. thank you for doin this quiz!

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Quiz topic: Am I a "why dont we" limelight?