Are you a wanker?

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Extensive studies have shown that at least 80% of the worlds population and 100% of the establishment are wankers. Now you have a unique opportunity to find out if you are one of them

If you are this simple but effective quiz will help you to identify which level of wankerism you have, this far, achieved and will help you to understand much better why you are so despised by rational people

Created by: Minge piece
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  1. When driving on motorways which lane do you spend most time in
  2. Which newspaper do you read?
  3. Which Political party do you support
  4. Do you work in the public sector?
  5. If there was a referendum on EU membership tomorrow, how would you vote?
  6. Do you feel that people who disagree with you are judgemental or bigots
  7. What is your view on the following statement ''Islam is the religion of Peace'
  8. Ivor Biggun and the red nosed burgers are britains greatest rock band
  9. How do you think Scotland should vote in the forthcoming independence referendum?
  10. Do you believe in God?

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Quiz topic: Am I a wanker?