are you a vampire,werewolf or a werepire

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Have you ever wanted to know if you were a vampire, werewolf or a werepire (vampire werewolf hybrid)? Well my quiz will give use dat awnswer! Hope you'll like!

My quiz is designed to have a little fun and obviously figure out what you are! I hope you get your result you want! And please go easy on me this is my first quiz...:)

Created by: rulene
  1. What is your favorite color? (This does indeed count in your result)
  2. Your favorite food?
  3. Now, what's your style?
  4. Night time or day time?
  5. What is your ideal weather?
  6. Fangs or fur?
  7. Choose a word that describes your personality a little
  8. Things you like to do?
  9. Movie genres?
  10. Thanks for takin my quizzy!!! Please comment!! Or like...or..yeah! Bye!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I a vampire,werewolf or a werepire