Are You a True Pokemon Fan?

A quiz to test your loyalty to Pokémon. If your not a Pokémon fan, leave now. You will fail guaranteed. Don't even try. Pokémon fans only. Blah blah blah filler.

Ulike other quizzes, these questions are about the actual game! No one cares if you don't have a hundred Pokémon plushes! Blah blah blah filler blah blah

Created by: MarcoPolloYT
  1. What are the Kantos starters?
  2. What Are the Newest Games?
  3. What is the First Gym in D/P (Diamond/Pearl)?
  4. What is the First Ever Pokémon?
  5. Is Pokémon Go Better Then the Original Games?
  6. Is There any Evolutions for Legendries (including Mega evolutions)?
  7. Is Pokémon a Fun Game?
  8. How Many Mega Evolutions of Charizard Are There?
  9. What Type is the Bulbasaur Evolution Chain?
  10. What Type is Charizard?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Pokemon Fan?