Are you a true Gallagher Girl

There are very great novels, but the best is the Gallagher Girl series. Are you a true Gallagher Girl take this quiz to find out if you are one of them.

This short quiz will tell you how much you know about my favorite book series. Are you a Gallagher Girl, normal person, or a part of the Circle? Take a few minutes and take my quiz. :)

Created by: Kayleigh
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  1. When was Gallagher Academy established?
  2. How much do you know about the secrets about the Gallagher Girls?
  3. Who is the girl the circle is after?
  4. What is the Spy Academy for boys
  5. Random question which book do you like the best (won't affect score)
  6. What is Gallagher Academy really?
  7. Who is Cammie's new boyfriend
  8. do you love these books (no effect)
  9. will u rate
  10. will u comment

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Gallagher Girl