Are you a true DERP!?

There are so many silly people but can you be a DERP? I myself am a DERP,and so are other fellow DERPS. A DERP is someone who is super funny,a bit stupid :P,AND NEVR I REPEAT NEVER IS A FISH!!!!!!!

Are you a DERP? Do you lack the brain power to become a true derp and join the army of DERPS? Take my quiz (even though DERPs don't really take quizzes)and see if you are a true DERP!

Created by: starheart

  1. Which one?
  2. What do you think you you think of school?
  3. which fantasy creature?
  4. Which one is spelled correctly?
  5. what do you think of when you see a banana?
  6. Whats your best subject?
  7. Whats your dream pet?
  8. Let destiny decide
  9. What superpower?
  10. last you want to be a derp?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true DERP!?