Are you a true dancer

There are dancers who are good and not good. What is a dancer? A dancer is someone who move in action to work off sweat and just love to move and dance.

Are you a dancer? Do you move a lot go to ruthenium just for fun because you. Love. It we'll you're about to find out in a few or couple of minutes.

Created by: Autumn Love

  1. What do a Ballet dancer wear on there feet
  2. If you are a real dancer were do a dancer stay
  3. If you go to a try out to play a part of a dancer what. Will they be looking for
  4. If your not dancing or busy what do you do
  5. If your not flexible we're will you get your tips to become flexible
  6. What color dance outfit you would wear to play as an evil kitten
  7. How many hours of a day do you dance
  8. What dance type do you do
  9. What kind of combination would you do with dance
  10. How we'll do think you did

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Quiz topic: Am I a true dancer