Are you a toxic gamer?

Basically I'm basing my quiz on things you say, do or think of. It's my first ever quiz so try not to judge it too much. Also, not all answers are right or wrong, it's based on what I think and what I've heard of.

This paragraph is a paragraph that I have to fill up with a hundred and fifty characters so it will just stop randomly because you don't need all this

Created by: Jared Leroy
  1. Do you die often while playing games?
  2. Do you tell people what to do if you're dead?
  3. What games do you play?
  4. Your age depending on the game (the answer you chose before).
  5. If you could make your team as good as you, would you do it?
  6. Do you live with your parents?
  7. Did your parents ever have to tell you to stop yelling/overreact while you were playing a video game?
  8. Did you ever make your friends mad/stop playing/rages at you while you were gaming?
  9. While, of course, being truthful, would your friends consider YOU a toxic gamer?
  10. Finally, do YOU consider YOURSELF a toxic gamer (these answers don't count, I'm just trying to see if my quiz is correct)

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Quiz topic: Am I a toxic gamer?