Are you a tomboy?

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There are some girls who don't act like girls. There called tomboy. I'm a tomboy, I really hate girl stuff. If you take this quiz, you will found out if you are a tomboy or not.

Are you a tomboy, or are you a girly girl. Probably your in the middle. Take this quiz and found out. If you are wondering if you are a tomboy. Good luck

Created by: chuckymilokilo
  1. You play sports
  2. You hang out with boys( you have guy friends)
  3. Do you like getting dirty(mud,etc)
  4. Your a gamer
  5. What's your favourite color
  6. Do you like makeup
  7. Do you play with your hair
  8. What shoes do you prefer
  9. What clothes do you wear
  10. Do you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I a tomboy?