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So hi, you just went on a quiz about if you are a ✨Therian✨ you will be answering a few questions about yourself. If you do not want to find out you are a therian or a fake therian, you can click off the quiz. but otherwise, have fun!!

This quiz does not 100% confirm if you are a therian, but I hope it can help some people awaken. Thank you for reading, enjoy the quiz! Bye! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Created by: CutieTherianQuiz
  1. Do you like the outside?
  2. do you growl/hiss when you are anrgy/sad/scared??
  3. do you have shifts??
  4. do you like animals??
  5. have you ever been told you act like an animal?
  6. What is your opiyin about furries??
  7. do you like to do quads (go around on all fours like animals)
  8. Do you have any memories of your past life as an animal?
  9. Do you need gear to be a "True therian"??
  10. Witch one would you rather?
  11. Do you wish you had ears, tails, wings, fethers, or ect to replace your missing limbs?
  12. Do you know about theians?
  13. How did you get onto this quiz??

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