Are you a therian?

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This probably not accurate but it is worth a shot! Here you can copy them! ⚊ soooo wyd? Right now I'm doing the quiz for you I hope you enjoy it! Yippee

Umm I gotta fill this paragraph with something so I will write anything possible. I an so so so bored right now my fingers hurt. Oh look we already got 150 characters. Yippee

Created by: Hannah_the_therian
  1. Is therianthropy a choice?
  2. Do you feel different?
  3. Do you like animals?
  4. Do you feel a connection to any habitat? (air, water, land ECT.)
  5. Do you make sounds like animals? (howling, barking, squeaking)
  6. Do you know what a shift (in therianthropy) is?
  7. Do you know what a phantom shift is?
  8. Would you like to be born as a
  9. Where would you like to sleep / live
  10. Why are you doing this quz?
  11. Would you like to have

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Quiz topic: Am I a therian?