Are you a texan? ( imma guess!)

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Today you are taking the " are you a texan!" you aren't or are... which are you? There is 10 questions, so short. so yeah.... rawr. I want you to comment.

please comment and also check out my other quizzes, and then go and to the forums, I am there :3 lol I am now just doing to get to the full thing.....

Created by: rainbowkitty1

  1. In August 2017, what hurricane hit?
  2. Which one below is a city NOT from Texas?
  3. Is Selena Gomez from Texas?
  4. I am only doing this for amount of questions needed <3
  5. Ya'll think i'm from Texas?
  6. I love Texas colors, what colors are the flag?
  7. Do you know the national anthem of Texas?
  8. it's everyday bro
  9. How many electives does Texas have?
  10. LAST QUESTION- do you have family from Texas?

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Quiz topic: Am I a texan? ( imma guess!)