Are you a reeal live mermaid like me?!

ohh hello there singlegirl19 here back with aother quiz. some people question themselves and ask, am i a mermaid, well i put alot of hard work in this so hope you like it. you will find out if you are a mermaid now. dont forget to rate and comment!

i hope you are a mermaid or merman, because there are very few of us left i need you to please rate and and comment please. i need to hear from rude comments pleaese that upsets me.but never forget to rate and comment. thease are the most important things.

Created by: singlegirl19

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. okay.third question.Do you even believe in mermaids?
  2. next question,do you really often get an taste for water?
  3. do you have dreams about being a mermaid?
  4. do you really try your best to be a REAL mermaid?
  5. do you try spells or potions to become a mermaid like me?
  6. do you do spells everyday?
  7. have you been doing the spells for at least 2 months now?
  8. do you like to swim?
  9. for chirstians,did you know that you can make yourself a mermaid without spells or potions?look it up!
  10. if you have done spells or potions to become a mermaid, are they not working?
  11. do your feet legs or bottom half of your body hurt for no reason?
  12. do you have alot of friends?
  13. if you have a pet,do they love you too.
  14. do you like my quiz?
  15. willl you comment?
  16. will you rate?

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Quiz topic: Am I a reeal live mermaid like me?!