Are you a real human

Here is where you will find out the truth... Are you alien? Are you human? Take this quiz that I made out of pure boredom to find out! It's... somewhat accurate.

Just to be clear, this is not accurate so if it says that you are an alien and that makes you feel sad, just remember this is just a silly quiz I made.

Created by: Pink Avenger

  1. How many bones does a human have
  2. Where do you insert food
  3. What is the meaning of life
  4. What is a fly
  5. What is death
  6. What is a phone
  7. What is a quiz
  8. Only a few more questions! Ok, can humans speed up or slow down time
  9. Question NINE! Rate this quiz (no effect on your results... or does it?jk)
  10. If you trust me, the ninth question doesn't affect your answers. ANYWAYS: are you an alien

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Quiz topic: Am I a real human