Are You a REAL gamer?

This is a short quiz about gaming. please rate high and excuse any minor mistakes. This is my 2nd quiz. If you see any mistakes please let me know and make sure to comment.

if you want me to make more gaming quizzes, please let me know in the comments. Also what game were you most excited for this year? Put that in the comments too. LNM 2 was the game I was waiting for.

Created by: ERIC2ON2TOP

  1. In 2021 what game were you most hype about?
  2. if a game is too hard for you...
  3. when a glitch happens what do you do?
  4. who do you like more? (little nightmares 2)
  5. who do you like more? (A.C. Valhalla)
  6. what is the most important thing in Minecraft?
  7. in any game, if someone betrays you, you...
  8. are you a gamer
  9. do you tend to get stuck on video games?
  10. favorite YouTuber.
  11. do you eat near your game console?
  12. where is your console?
  13. how many controllers do you have?
  14. how do you like to play?
  15. Which is better?
  16. which is better?
  17. who are the 3 protagonists on GTA 5?
  18. how many GTA's are thier?
  19. how many sims games are there? (main games)
  20. what do you do when a your favorite character (this is a little nightmares 2 reference) betrays you?
  21. how was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL gamer?