Are you a pineapple, potato, pineapotato, or person?

Welcome to my quiz! We will determine what you are in just 4 questions! You may either be a pineapple, potato, pineapotato, or person! Just answer the questions to see!

Also, we have clubs for all of these types! Me, I am a pineapotato! Your result may lead to popularity, or basically anything! We recommend this for anybody who wants to know!

Created by: Skai Coughlan

  1. Do you like fruit?
  2. Do you like potatoes?
  3. Do you think you are a Pineapple, Potato, or Pineapotato?
  4. Do you like cookies?
  5. Skip this, ok?
  6. and this i just need to make the ten question mark
  7. ok and this
  8. almost done
  9. bye bye
  10. cya

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Quiz topic: Am I a pineapple, potato, pineapotato, or person?