Are you a kitsune??

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Are you a kitsune? Find out in this quiz. I hope you do well!If you don't know, Kitsunes are are fox spirts if you did not know, and they are very helpful in life. I should know, I have am one myself.

This quiz is made by a real. life. Kitsune! (me). If you like this quiz you can hope for more in the future from me as this is only my first quiz. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: JustALonleyKitsune
  1. Do you like foxes in any way?
  2. Do you know what kitsunes are?
  3. Do you like wovles?
  4. Do feel like a fox in any way?
  5. Are you unshure about your spirt animal (if not fox?)
  6. Are you related to japan? (it has no effect but why not)
  7. Are you a virgo?
  8. Are you a dog or cat lover?
  9. Do you like kitsunes?
  10. Do you have a dog?
  11. Do you feel like in a way deep inside you that you are not fully human and in a way a fox? Deep inside you feel that in a diffrent life somewhere you might of been a fox?
  12. Do you like orange foxes or other color foxes?
  13. Are you creative??
  14. Do you feel that you go places and say that their amazing but then think, ya know? if i lived here for 80 years this would still be amazing but not as amazing?
  15. Do this in 30 seconds. how many questions are on this quiz if you add 45 and divide it by 30, them multpily that by 60 and then and 120?

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Quiz topic: Am I a kitsune??