are you a headband girl???

there are many headband girls in the world, but only a few true headband girls. do u think u are one of the REAL headband girls or are u one of the fakes?

well now u can take this quiz to find out if u r a real headband girl or a fake!!!!!!! i made this quiz for people to see if they r a real headband girl or fake!!! enjoy!!

Created by: HeadbandGurl

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  1. are u nice????
  2. are u respectful towards people/????
  3. can u dance??? doesnt matter if u cant dance that well, but just as long as u can dance!!!
  4. are u a girl??? BE HONEST PLZ NO FAKE ANSWERS!!!!!
  5. PICK ONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  6. do u like to draw, paint and sketch???? doesnt matter if ur good or bad
  7. are u imaginative and creative and can u write stories?????
  8. are u a liar???? NO FAKES PLEASE ANSWER TRUTHFULLY!!!!!
  9. umm.....can u please leave this quiz if u r a boy!!!!! thank u!!! :D
  10. finally do u think u can be a headband girl???

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Quiz topic: Am I a headband girl???