Are You A Harry Potter Fan?

There are many people who like Harry Potter And Many Who Don't. Many Hate it and some don't. This quiz will tell you if you are a true HP Fan. You Might be A hater.

Are You a Fan Or Are You a hater. Do You Know every fact About Harry Potter Or Not. This Is My First Quiz I Hope You Like It Please Forgive Me Because it Is Not That Long

Created by: CatCentaur

  1. Do You Love, Like, Don't Mind Or Hate Harry Potter
  2. Do You Have Harry Potter Posters
  3. Do You Have Most oF The Merchandising?
  4. Which Is You Favourite Harry Potter Actor
  5. In Your Opinion Which Is Your Favourite Teacher
  6. Do You Love Dudley
  7. Have you Read All The Books
  8. Have You Gone To A Fan Website
  9. Do You Love Ginny
  10. Who Did Neville Marry
  11. Have You Been To Harry Potter Studios

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Quiz topic: Am I A Harry Potter Fan?