are you a green street elite member

You know you think some movies are to languagy or violent your parents ban it from you but this movie Green Street is an absolut breath taking movie but dont do any of it just to be safe cops can go chasing after ya every day just think before you do.

Do you think your a GSE member? well your just about to find out soon i just wanna say thank you very much for taking this "Are You A Green Street Elite Member" quiz i hope you score very well and high but dont get your self into trouble because of this movie.

Created by: Kieran

  1. Which university did matt get expeled from?
  2. What team do the GSE support?
  3. Who told Millwall thet the old major was in the GSE pub?
  4. Who did the GSE fight with in matteys first fight?
  5. Who died on the fight against Millwall?
  6. Why did the old major retire from the GSE?
  7. What position did matt play in in the kids PE lesson?
  8. What two lessons does pete teach?
  9. What team did Pete say had a crap firm and football team?
  10. Who thought that matt was a gernalist?
  11. Who is Shannons brother?

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Quiz topic: Am I a green street elite member