Are You a Gray Jedi, Jedi or Sith?

This is just a quick quiz to see if youget a jedi sith or gray jedi please share this quiz with freinds and family even if they dont like star wars :P please be honest with your answers!

Please like and share this quiz to your facebook twitter This is my first quiz so don't expect anything grand from it :P The dark side is strong with this quiz

Created by: Zachary
  1. Do you get angry at small things such as someone taking your parking spot?
  2. Answer honestly Do you ever lie
  3. Have you ever broken someones stuff
  4. Real lightsaber or end world hunger?
  5. Would you use all force powers Such as force lightning and force choke etc
  6. Would you live rather live forever or would you accept death
  7. If you saw someone being mugged would you help
  8. Are you jealous of anyone. In school, work, in general life?
  9. Would you sacrifice yourself for others?
  10. Do you focus on the present or the past

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Quiz topic: Am I a Gray Jedi, Jedi or Sith?