Are you a good student

So! Do you gonna be think that you are a good student! Hmmm? No? Or yes? Comeon take this quiz and find out your talent because you are a student and yiu should think about it

Lets finfout your study habits okay if you are a genuis so take this so if do you think about your inyteliigence so take this quiz quizzically you will answer quiz and play quiz at a

Created by: maham fatima

  1. Do you work hard
  2. Do you cheat
  3. Do you study/cramp/mugup or learn
  4. Do you get A+
  5. Do you like to learn new things or you just want to cheat and get full marks
  6. Do you like to solve maths to become intelligent or cramp long paragraphs to be successful
  7. Have you ever cheated?
  8. Are you a good student
  9. Do you like this quiz
  10. Oh!

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Quiz topic: Am I a good student