are you a good person?

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hi i’m eli!! okay so, this is my first time making one of these. i’m literally in a psych ward while so idk but i’m bored on here even tho we’re allowed our phones. i was thinking abt being a good or bad person or just being a person so i thought i’d make this

another thing about this is that this is mainly about others but it’s about you too. how you are/ think about yourself is revealed in ur actions to others or how you deal with others in any way.

Created by: eli
  1. ok hi! firstly, are you ok?
  2. when a friend is treating you badly, do you say something to them about it?
  3. you make the people you care about guess what you want?
  4. where there is a conflict do you always try and stay on ‘both sides’ ?
  5. What happens you’re feeling a lot of negative emotions?
  6. Someone just rejected you. What’s your usual reaction?
  7. If you think you’re a bad person, why?
  8. do you have someone or something you can think about, that you could say, aloud “i love you” to?
  9. Do you have a worst nightmare?
  10. lastly, i hope you are ok. no matter what. ok?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good person?