Are you a girly girl or a tomboy or a average girl?

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You can be a girly girl a tomboy or a average for all we know.You may ask what is that people think of you as.Well if you take this quiz you will know how I think of you as.You may wanna know you may not care but at least you'll know what I think of you as.You will know that this is my rating so it might not be what others tell you.

Well are you excited about what your going to get?I hope you are because I do.Are you ready?You sure?Are you positive?Are you so sure you can strangle me huh are you that sure? Hmm are you really really really really sure?Ok you are sure.Are you sure jk lol I'm guessing that you are sure.

Created by: sweet
  1. Where do you spend your time at?
  2. What do you spend time watching?
  3. What are you doing when your at you school's football game?
  4. Do you follow fashion depending on the season?
  5. If you get sweaty the first thing you care about is?
  6. It's P.E. time and your going to run you...
  7. Will you rate?
  8. Will you comment?
  9. should I do a series if you choosed yes comment yes if no comment no
  10. Last question What do you expect

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Quiz topic: Am I a girly girl or a tomboy or a average girl?