are you a girly girl or a tomboy?

there are people in this world some girly somy boyish!which one are you!find out if you take my quiz!some say you are a girlygirl some say you are a tomboy!find out for for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you more girlygirl or tom boy? firgure it out!take my quiz and you WILL find out! Are you more bunniesh or are snakey.basket ball or dolls.

Created by: bubbles204

  1. do you like worms or bunnies better?
  2. how many friends do you have that are boys?
  3. how many friends do you have that are girls?
  4. would you rather play outside in the rain or go to the mall when its raining?
  5. where would you go on a date?
  6. would you rather play house or basket ball?
  7. would you rather have a venus fly trap of daisies?
  8. would you rather bake a cake or shove your face in one?
  9. make up or face paint?
  10. pink or blue?

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Quiz topic: Am I a girly girl or a tomboy?