Are You a Feminist?

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Are you a feminist? Do you believe that all women are oppressed? Or do you believe that men and women are equal? This quiz will tell you accurately present you with an answer!

Well, are you a feminist? Oh.. right, that's what this quiz is for, well, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Take the quiz already! Seriously, don't stop to read this dialogue..

Created by: McDoodleFarting
  1. Is the wage gap real?
  2. Do women play an important roll in society?
  3. Do men have more rights than women?
  4. What do you think about mansplaining?
  5. Are men lazy?
  6. Are women underrated?
  7. Do you agree with this statement? "Women should be able to dress how they want, they shouldn't have to be feminine."
  8. Do you think feminists are right?
  9. DO you think you're a feminist?
  10. Ok bye

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Quiz topic: Am I a Feminist?