Are you a dragonet of destiny?

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This quiz will see if you belong in the dragonet prophecy. Hey, here's something you need to know. Everytime someone make's up something new, like the wings of fire series, in another universe, it makes another planet.

And on that planet, it will have the land you made up, like in this case, Pyrrhia. If you get results like you are in the dragonet prophecy, they might add you to the prophecy and come looking for you. Good luck!

Created by: Destiny-Dragons
  1. First, the most important thing, do you believe in prophecy's?
  2. OK. Do you like dragons?
  3. OK. Next. Do you think you'd look good with wings?
  4. Great! Now, would you look good in horns and like them?
  5. Good job so far. OK, now, would you like to have dragons flying everywhere you go?
  6. Well done! Now, would you like BEING a dragon?
  7. Okay, would you like being in scroll's?
  8. Good choice's, whatever you picked! Now, would you like to have scales?
  9. Good job, you're almost done! Now, would you like to hatch from a egg?
  10. Last one, did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a dragonet of destiny?