Are you a Dragon

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This Quiz tells you all about wether you are a dragon or not now don't get upset if you got something you didn't want because that's just what you are so don't be upset and cheerup

now I hope you all enjoy this and love discovering youre true identity if not message me and have fun this is a real test so take is seriasly and be honest

Created by: ice wing

  1. do you roar when you are angry
  2. Have you ever used a spell to tern into a dragon
  3. have you heard of a dragon charm
  4. now if someone punched you what would you do
  5. what would youre name be in draconic
  6. what is youre favrite food
  7. are you digneified
  8. what is youre favrit colour group
  9. what is you favrit element group
  10. what is youre favrit animal combo

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Quiz topic: Am I a Dragon