Are you a Demon,Werewolf,or Vampire

i hope you injoyed this quiz. This quiz is for yoir entetainment. You will either be an Demon,Werewolf, or a vampire. this is a really short quiz so it dosent take that long to take this quiz.

A demon is something that is like a devil. it is very evil and will kill any person. A werewolf is something like a hairy dog. Its a thing tht com out durning a full moon and thts when there the most fierce.A vampire is VERY pretty and drinks only blood. He or she is also very stong.

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you scare ppl
  2. do you hide in the shadows
  3. are you hairy
  4. Do you act more hyper when theres a full moon
  5. do you drink blood
  6. do you sparkle in the sun
  7. k thts all that counts
  8. will you rate
  9. will you comment
  10. quiz is over bye bye now!

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Quiz topic: Am I a Demon,Werewolf,or Vampire