Are You A Demigod? (Percy Jackson)

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Hi! This is my first quiz, and it will tell you wether or not you are a demigod from the Percy Jackson Universe. I hope you enjoy this quiz and feel free to comment your results!

Please note that this quiz does not apply to Norse demigods, as they do not work the same way as Greek and Roman demigods- at least that is what I have gathered from reading Magnus Chase.

Created by: Massive_Nerd411

  1. Do weird things happen around you? Things you are never able to explain?
  2. Do you have ADHD?
  3. Do you have Dyslexia?
  4. Do any of your teachers seem, well, not human?
  5. Do any of your friends or teachers have large hair, walk funny, or have wheelchairs? They could be Satyrs...
  6. Do you have any food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances?
  7. Do you know both of your biological parents?
  8. Do you ever feel like you have special abilities? Ex: You are an AMAZING swimmer; You’re great at archery; You’re really smart; etc. etc.
  9. What grade are you in?
  10. Have you ever seen things that shouldn’t be possible? Like a dog that turns into a chimera? Or a classmate that looks like a cyclops?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Demigod? (Percy Jackson)