Are you a CrazyStylist ?

Are you a CrazyStylist? We all care about our Clients, but do some of us care too much or too little? When you deal with the general public they will take you to your limits, see how far you will go.

Are you a CrazyStylist? Or maybe you need to get a little Crazy inside of you. Let's find out! Take this quiz, and see if your clients fear you or if you fear them. Let's see how you rate.

Created by: Crazy
  1. If Angelina Jolie walks into your salon unexpectedly, and wants highlights, your reaction would be:
  2. If a Client walks in, and has long, thick, curly, frizzy hair and wants a Beckham Bob, you....
  3. If State Board were to come in to the Salon for an unscheduled visit, you:
  4. If a client wants a style that you know wont suit him/her you:
  5. When a client gets a touch up on her color service(that she didn't get from you) and you end up changing her ash blonde highlights golden you:
  6. When a male client asks you for a 3 on the back and sides, a 5 on top, and a tapered, not blocked back you:
  7. If you are cutting someones hair and they are chewing gum you:
  8. If parents bring in a child and want you to perform their very first cut while they put said child in headlock and the child is screaming you:
  9. The drawer at the Salon is short, and all stylists have been in it all day, management asks you to put in a part of whats short, you:
  10. If a client crys because they don't like their service you:

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