Are you a coward?

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Created by: EmraldYE

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  1. Are you afraid of spiders?
  2. What about snakes and mice?
  3. You go to the outdoor pool on a fairly chilly day. You feel the water, and it is freezing. Do you get in?
  4. Are you afraid to go off the diving board?
  5. What about a high dive?
  6. If you get cold outside do you go in?
  7. Would you die for a family member?
  8. Do you cry or try to run away when you're about to get a shot?
  9. Would you fight a tough guy?
  10. How do you feel about rollercoasters?
  11. Do you do alwas what is safest?
  12. Do people call you a coward a lot?
  13. When they call you a coward do you try to prove youre not one by doing what they say?
  14. Are you afraid of the ball?
  15. Are you shy?

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Quiz topic: Am I a coward?