Are You A Braves Fan?

There are fewer Braves fans now, but at least we got rid of them bandwagoners. Hopefully you took this because you are a true fan. TOMOHAWK CHOP!!!!!!! FRANCOUR'S FRANKS!!!!! You know ya wanna come out and cheer for us ya dirty Met fans!!!!!

Are you a fan? Are you gonna score high? You better. Because thats like the whole point of this test. Stupid. Also to weed out all the annoying bandwagon and fairweathers. Like *cough*John*cough*. < wierd yankee fan. So good night, cuz i'm tired from making this thing out.

Created by: Aaron

  1. Who leads the Braves is all-time wins?
  2. What Family has commentated for the Braves for more than a decade?
  3. Who leads the Braves is all-time hits,HRs, and RBIs.
  4. Which Braves pitcher is the only one in Major League history to record 200 wins and 150 saves?
  5. What Braves relief pitcher was in trouble for being a racist and recently on Pros Vs. Joes?
  6. Hank Aaron had a 50+ homer season.
  7. The Braves set a record for how many straight division titles?
  8. What was the Braves first ever name?
  9. Where were the Braces located before coming to Atlanta?
  10. The Braves are famous for what pitching trio?
  11. Hank Aaron had 755 career homers
  12. What year were the Braves known as the "Baby Braves" for their incredible number of rookies?
  13. Brave's catcher Jarod Saltalamachia holds the record for longest name in the majors.
  14. What year in the 90s did the Braves win the World Series?
  15. Andruw Jones has won how many straight Golden Gloves?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Braves Fan?