ARE YOU?????????

There are many people, but few true people. people is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a people? A people is to tell you the truth...I don't know....I really have no Idea what a People is. Ask your doctor, he would probably know.

Are YOU a people? Do you have the people-ness to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: an alien..
  1. Will you enjoy this quiz?
  2. Do you think you will enjoy this quiz?
  3. Just take a guess. Do you think you will?
  4. You really don't know if you will enjoy the quiz?
  5. You honestly expect me to believe that you won't enjoy this quiz?
  6. Your ab idiot if you think I believe you when you say that you won't enjoy this quiz.
  7. Do you deeply, honestly, think you won't like this quiz?
  8. Really. You really don't think you will like this quiz?
  9. Honestly, I think you're lying. I think you will enjoy his quiz.
  10. You were sitting at home on a Sunday morning, reading the paper, and you see an add for a job. The job says "pays millions" so you go to the address listed on the newspaper, and then you ask if you can have the job. They say no and then you start begging. They say that you need to fill out an application and thsat you are ugly. You get really upset but you go home to fill put the form. You fill it out and bring it back. Then they say you have to wait 55 yeRS before they can give yu the job. So...55 long long long years later, you come to ask for the job, and they have no idea what you're talking about. So you drive all the way back home and bring in the newspaper from 55 years ago, and they point at you and accuse you of writing it yoursself to get a well paying job. You get really upset and go back home. Then, the next day you get a call from those old peoples granddaughter. She says she kbnows what job you're talking about and tht you're hired. You go to bed all happy and stuff. Then in the middle of the night, you hear a piercing beep. You find out that it is just the microwave going off, so you go to bed. Then you smell smoke. You realize than the microwave was on fire. The phone was hanging above the miocrowave and you used to have to dit on the microwave to reach it. So you go over and sit on it as usual...then you realize your butt is on fire!! Panicking, you call 922. You realize that it was the wrong nmber, but not soon enough. The phone just melted in your hand. So you go outside and wait the fire out. Then the next day it is your first day at that job. You want the money badly so you can buy a new house. After work, you get your first paycheck,. You go to the mall and blow it on candy and guns. Then you go home, to realize that you have no home! you forgot that it burned and you wasted all the money! You go to the mall to return the candy, when a robber walks in. He gois into an actual movie theater where the movie is playing and screams "PUT THE POPCORN IN THE BAG!!!" And then you go to shoot him but realize you must've left your un at home. You drive home and then realize again that you have no home, and that it rained and everything you bought that day was in the river by now! You walk to the river, and see that everything is ruined! You walk to the nearest cliff, jump off, and die. Thats depressing huh?

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