This quiz is all about if u wanna be a rich person or not there’s three ones rich,normal and poor welllllllll I have to do 150 words so I will write random words in the next paragraph


Created by: AKSHAT

  1. Do u wanna work in a big business and get a lot of money or do u wanna be a vegetable seller?
  2. Do u want a mansion or a small house or a tent
  3. Do u want a fast car or a normal car or a cart?
  4. Do your phone wanna be a Nokia phone or a Motorola phone or a iPhone?
  5. Do you want a luxury home or a standard home?
  6. Do you want a expensive painting or inexpensive paintings?
  7. Do u want luxury food or non expensive food?
  8. Do u love luxury cars or normal cars?
  9. Do you want luxury furniture or normal furniture?
  10. Do you want luxury clothes or normal clothes?

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