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Calling all Jammers! Test your knowledge on animal jam and tell your friends about this quiz! Remember to play Animal jam! And play wild, a 3D version of animal jam!

All sorts of game related questions will appear, and answer as best as you can! *Please note* Cheating does you no good! This is just to test what you know.

Created by: Dogloverlikesdoge of Play Animal Jam here!
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  1. Which is rarer?
  2. When was the beta of animal jam?
  3. Which of these is a jambassador as of 2019?
  4. Which of these animals HASN'T been released into animal jam as of May 2019?
  5. Can you play Animal Jam Play Wild on the computer?
  6. Who is the founder of animal jam, and what is the item named after he/she?
  7. What is a magenta item?
  8. What does it mean for an item to have a rare tag?
  9. What is a RIM?
  10. What does RIM stand for?
  11. How many live streams does AJHQ do?
  12. Does AJHQ do livestreams on play wild, or animal jam?
  13. Which of these isn't a jambassador?
  14. Last question! Who can play animal jam?

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