am i a terminator or the resistance

have you ever wanted to know if robot took over the world would you be one of them or one of the people who would save the wold from the robots of skynet take this quiz and you will know.

are you a terminator do you want to rid the world of all humans or are you the resistance a group of people who want the robots otu of this world and to save earth.

Created by: jeremiah davis
  1. if your friend was shot would you help them
  2. if you knew your friend was at the enemey's side and you knew how to help them would you?
  3. if you captcher the enemey what would you to them?
  4. what is your mood most of the time
  5. if you were alone on enemy teratory and they did not know you were the enemey what would you do?
  6. if you saw one of your enemeys outside what would you do?
  7. if you herd music what would you do?
  8. if you had a gun where would you put it?
  9. if you knew how to control the enemey would you?
  10. do you love destroy stuff caue it fun?

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