Agricultural Revolution

The Agricultural Revolution produced an increase in better farming technology and techniques, which in turn produced a higher food supply, a larger population, and bigger cities. It was pretty important!

How much do you know about the medieval Agricultural Revolution? Find out with our quiz! This quiz was originally made for a specific website about the Revolution, but anyone is welcome to try it out!

Created by: HistoryStudent of Agricultural Revolution
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  1. What is NOT a cause of the Agricultural Revolution?
  2. Which was a technological improvement during the Revolution?
  3. What was NOT an effect of the Revolution?
  4. When did the medieval Agricultural Revolution start?
  5. New agricultural techniques developed from contacts with eastern Europe and with Asian raiders into central Europe.
  6. What did population growth NOT produce?
  7. Heavier plows created burrows which helped to protect some plants from flooding.
  8. Political stability in this period was caused in part by the decrease in Viking raids.
  9. Which establishment was NOT directly bolstered by the Agricultural Revolution?
  10. Which of the following was NOT a component of the new heavy plow?

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