A-Z Horse Breeds (Which is which?)

There are many people who say they know a lot about horses but there are only a few special people who are truly horse know-it-alls! ARE YOU? OR do you not really care?

Are you a COMPLETELY HORSE CRAZED FANATIC?! I am! Now that I have got you wondering, take this quiz and find out if you qualify for the horse-breed Bachelors Degree or if your going to graduate late!

Created by: horseygal101
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  1. You have small dark spots all over your body that have a slightly lighter shade surrounding them. What color are you?
  2. You has got a dorsal stripe! What colors could you be?
  3. You are a larger, warm-blooded horse. You're normally white and were some of the first dressage horses. First bred in Spain with English mares.Beatiful, long, flowing mane and tail.
  4. Which of these horses were bred to beat Thoroughbreds in 1/4 mile races and are now mainly used in rodeos?
  5. Do horses have feathers?
  6. What type of Arabian do most Thoroughbreds descend from?
  7. You are a mainly black breed of horse that used to be bred for police work. You have an unusually high-stepping gait and high head carriage. Which breed are you?
  8. You have an unusual, yet comfortable 4-beat gait where the horse appears to be walking with their front legs and trotting with the back. It is accompanied by a continual nodding of the head.
  9. (No effect) What's your fave horse breed?
  10. NO EFFECT!!!!!

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