A quiz about stuff. *Part 1!*

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Welcome to the quiz of stuff! What kind of stuff, you ask?Well the truth is: IT'S RANDOM! It's about things, things and MORE THINGS! So it could be about anything: memes, maths, general knowledge, anything really.

There will be 10 (yes ten) questions for you to answer all filled with random 'stuff' you can have a go at.So my main message for you is mostly, have fun and try to achieve high marks! I know you can do it!😉

Created by: BrownUnripeOutskirt

  1. billion + billion?
  2. Banana is a berry but strawberry isn't.
  3. This is a disaster that might cause people to move out of their homes.What is it?
  4. find the misspelled word in this mispelled sentence.Wow that's a lot of misspells.
  5. poems always have to rhyme.
  6. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.It is not...
  7. If 😡=🤬 and 🤡=😱 what does 💰 equal to?
  8. This is where the 'Bloxy Cola' idea originated from.(Hint: Pubg...really?)
  9. Skittles got turned into a dumb meme(and that meme got turned into many different variations of it!)What was it?
  10. Which one of these is NOT a real book/movie genre?

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