A lavish death~HnSs1

I love to write stories and thought maybe I could share some of them with you in here in the form of a quiz. In case you're wondering, hnss1 stands for 'hide n seek stories-1'. So heres for you, A lavish death.

This isn't a real quiz so I wrote the sentences in place of the options. You may choose your favourite lines among the options or the worst, however you wish. Alright then, scroll down....

Created by: Hide and seek

  1. Chapter 1~ D walk 2 fame
  2. Chapter 2~ When in luck
  3. Chapter 3~ A goblet of fame
  4. Chapter 4~ Downturn
  5. Chapter 7~ HEADLINED
  6. Chapter 8~ Company by loneliness
  7. Chapter 9~ A last dream, a last film, a last role
  8. Chapter 10~ A last drink
  9. Chapter 11~ Walk 2 d end
  10. Chapter 12~ Cut!

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