A date with Agito-Sama

O_O are chu fit to be Agito-Sama's wifey or Hubby? (chu must be a really hott gut to take my quizz and if you're not you shall perish.It's really happened ya know, so beware!)

I made this quiz to see if you fit to be Agito-Sama's wifey just like I am. If you pass chu is my forever enemy and if you fail you're my bestest friend forever and ever!

Created by: Shay

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Agito-Sama french kisses you and you:
  2. Agito kneels down and says: "Get on my back [insert your name here]" and you:
  3. Whatever your answer was, you get on his back and kiss his cheek while he carries you to his 'Secret Place' and you
  4. Agito-Sama brings you to a spot deep in the forest and lies you down in the grass while he climbs ontop of you and you
  5. Agito-sama starts to kiss you and he says "by the end of the night I'll have you screaming my name"
  6. Agito wants an answer from you about the way you feel about him. You say:
  7. Agito gets off you and says "To tell you the truth....I really do love you"
  8. Agito asks if you want to go to his house and spend the night, since noones home at your house
  9. You get to his house and you see no one is home, you think
  10. Agito takes you to his room and asks if you want to sleep with him
  11. you get in his bed and he takes a shower.When he comes out he's in nothing but a towel and he gets in to bed with you. You

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