**whos your godly parent**

ok so this quiz will determine your godly parent this quiz is accurate to take it from a demigod whos a daughter of jupiter i wont lie this is totally accurate

this will also help you get claimed faster bc your godly parent might acknowledge you or maybe not just wait till you get claimed officialy but if you dont trust my knowlegde of demigods frend me on PS3 (JC-032) and ill get mmy friend to talk about shes a daughter of poisiden

Created by: puppygirl13
  1. im not going to ask your fav colour instead whats your favourite weapon?
  2. fav animal
  3. ok now i have to ask bc this will match your personality. whats your fav colour? (donttt kill meeee)
  4. favourite food
  5. wanted power?
  6. god/godess you think your decended from
  7. ooooooooooooof yeah i need 10 questions just four more tho
  8. ok y'know just go skip to results bc these have no effect on scores bye
  9. .
  10. ................
  11. hope you got the result you wanted but this is 100% accurate take it from a demigod

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Quiz topic: **whos my godly parent**